Solving Problems Of Erectile Dysfunction

When 150 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction globally the problem requires closer attention. Erectile dysfunction that is also called impotence is inability of men to get erection or penis is not firm enough to perform the sexual intercourse. Every man feels the bitterness of this feeling at least once and usually is very upset about it. They are not aware that this is normal to have occasional failures. The real trouble comes when they occur too often.

Being unaware of some things we should know we do not take proper measures. All men should understand that this is a common problem and only repeated failures can be diagnosed as erectile dysfunction. Some experts say that it is worth applying to the doctor if impotence continues for two weeks.

The process of erection is initiated by hydraulics effect when blood fills the penis and its tissues absorb blood like a sponge. As long as blood remains in the penis it remains erect. As ejaculation is achieved the blood begins receding therefore the erection subsides. Complicated process involves nervous system, hormonal system and vascular systems of the organism. When some of the mentioned systems works improperly that brings to the diagnosis discussed in this article.

The range of potential problems is diverse and can include physical, psychological and medical causes. Sometimes the disease develops when person suffers from some disease. The list of such diseases include Parkinson's disease, diabetes, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis. Sometimes the

problem arises after cancer treatment, prostate surgery. Every particular case is treated individually under doctor supervision.

Some people look for the link between age and erectile dysfunction, but it does not exist in fact. Men with age may have more problems with health but there is no direct connection. It is also worth adding that 70% of 70-year-old men are able to have sexual intercourse. But men with age are more prone to have problems with heart arteries and brain arteries. When work а arteries is deteriorated the erectile dysfunction is usually diagnosed.

Anxiety is the most common psychological causes. The stress at work can be to blame for it, but frequently the man fails once, then the situation repeats and he starts worrying. Feeling of anxiety kills the last chance and hope disappears. This is the example of vicious cycle that brings to one of the most unpleasant diagnoses for men - erectile dysfunction. It sounds like a verdict, but actually it is not. Besides, it is easily treatable.

The most popular drugs that are used for treatment of erectile dysfunction are Viagra and Cialis. Viagra received the status of iconic as this was the pioneer drug. There was actually no effective treatment until that time. Therefore Viagra is known to almost all. But efficacy of Cialis in treatment of erectile dysfunction made it no less popular. Men received the opportunity to achieve erection within an hour and to be ready for intimacy for 36 hours after its intake. This became a perfect option for couples that wanted to spend romantic weekend together.

The problem becomes too complicated when men feel embarrassed to treat it. They regard it as something shameful. Probably this comes from the past. This is a little-known fact but in 16th and 17th centuries impotence was a crime. It was also a legal reason for divorce. And only in 1677 the country refused from the practice of inspection by court experts. It seems that some shamefulness from the past still remained in men. It is psychologically hard for them to apply for treatment to the hospital. According to calculation only every tenth men takes treatment.

What should patients do when he suffers from erectile dysfunction? For some reason people prefer to follow the friend's advice instead of applying to the doctor.

You will have many problems in relationship if you hide this fact from your partner, therefore the man should discuss the situation with spouse/girlfriend first of all. When the problem is not revealed, woman does not understand the reason for partner's coldness and makes her own conclusions. She does not feel loved and problems in relationship begin. This turns into additional stress for the patient and complicates the case.

It is not advised to buy dubious remedies that promise cure. Consult the specialist who has access to your medical history. He will examine you and prescribe the right medication and dosage.