Lead healthy life to improve erectile ability

Right nutrition and active lifestyle help to enhance erectile dysfunction. The analysis was conducted in 2011 and its results were published in the medical journal.

The coauthor of the study confirmed that the lifestyle was the main issue in the question of erectile dysfunction. When the person loses some weight (about 10%), eats vegetables and fruit 5 days a week, does not smoke, his male health increases considerably. 740 patients took part in the course of 6 trials. Dr. Stephen Kopecky said that the condition of ED patients improved mainly thanks to exercising. If person exercises for half an hour for 5 days, this entailed great effect. Alternatively, the person could choose 10 minutes of energetic exercise 3 times a week. It was also helpful.

Symptom of heart disease

The specialists assure that ED can be an indicator of coronary artery disease. The time between the first symptoms appear and the disease develops can vary from 2 to 5 years. It gave a chance to the patient to learn about serious health problem before it arrived. In this way they could take measures and prevent it. Change of lifestyle is able to change the situation and introduce healthy habits to improve sexual life of the person with potential risks of CAD. If we start regarding ED as an early marker of future heart disease we will be able to prevent many troubles associated with heart diseases. It is worth saying that the rate of lethal outcomes as a result of heart diseases is rather high.

But heart disease is rarely a concern of men. They are more concerned over the opportunity to have sexual intercourse. When they hear about risk of heart disease, there is little attention and fear. Men are interested in healthy lifestyle only after they hear about dementia or erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, men underestimate seriousness of heart disease but they are very cautious about the danger to lose sexual life.

It would be great to establish direct connection and make patients with ED visit cardiology specialist. It is especially acute for those who are too young to suffer from erectile dysfunction. The condition decreases with age. In spite of the fact that it is not age-related disease, we still know that older patients suffer more from it. However, the risk of heart diseases varies depending upon the age as well. It is not so high in 60-year-old man with ED than in 40-year-old man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. The risk is 50 times higher therefore preventive measures are necessary.

International Index of Erectile Function Questionnaire as the indicator of improvement

Healthy lifestyle helped men who were examined with meta-analysis to get better scores when they were tested on IIEF score. The result improved 2.7 points. The authors of the study announced that this was a clinically important difference for patients with mild ED, not those who had moderate or severe form of this condition.

In order to understand the difference of this result with the result obtained from PDE-5 inhibitor therapy, you should know that Viagra improves IIEF-5 score from seven to ten points depending upon the susceptibility of the patient. Taking into account the fact that not all men find ED pills effective, healthy lifestyle can be at least some enhancement in their desire to restore male power. Besides, those who are effectively treated with PDE-5 inhibitors, get a chance to considerably improve the effect if they lead positive lifestyle in addition to medical treatment.

Medical experts also state that erectile dysfunction brings to deteriorated quality of life, which is a concern of millions of men therefore it should be of special importance. The fact that men can improve their condition leading healthy life is a convincing argument why such steps should be taken.

Health care practitioners should also explain this to the patients, who should know that modification of lifestyle can make them more sexually active and also prolong life.