New Drug Safety Communication for Fluoroqionolones

The FDA has made changes to a previous statement that fluoroquinolone will not cause negative side effects like separation of the retina from the eye, enlargement of the aorta, and tear of the artery wall.

The latest drug safety communication was released just recently to follow up on the previous communication published on the May of 2016.

It warns that regular use of fluoroquinolones can cause negative side effects that cripple the user and the side effects can stay on the user permanently. The side effects can affect the various muscle groups, tendons, and joints. It can also damage the nervous system and cause the user to suffer from Achilles tendon. The fluoroquinolone drug was reviewed following an order from the advisory committee to find out the risk versus benefits. The advisory committee claimed that the risks of using the drug is greater than the advantages it could provide. The drug is frequently used for treating illnesses such as sinus infection, inflammed bronchial tube and UTI.

All fluoroquinolones medications on the shelves are required to update the label to inform people that the use of the drug can cause negative side effects on the retina.

Representatives from the FDA issued a statement that they will continue to monitor the fluoroquinolones drug and update the public if they find anymore associated risk.