Smoking And Erectile Dysfunction

All cigarette packs in the EU have a warning about the dangers of smoking, but soon one more warning will appear. The new message may upset some men. While it has not been decided on the the phrasing yet, it is known that the message will warn about erectile dysfunction that may be caused by smoking.

The research by the British Medical Association shows that the majority of men do not have a clue that there is association between smoking and erectile dysfunction. Nearly 120.000 men in Britain aged from 30 to 40 developed erectile dysfunction caused by smoking.

Earlier, researchers announced that smoking is the cause of skin aging as tobacco destroys the skin’s main structural component collagen. Anti-smoking activists believe that visual examples of a wrinkled face and erectile dysfunction will be the best warning for young people for whom the dangers of smoking are too abstract.

In Canada, similar laws have already been taken but now they want to use not only text messages but also photographs of people suffering these conditions. The British government proposes to use a more metaphoric image - a burnt out cigarette with falling ashes symbolizing male impotence.